Our Mission

Make it easy easier for busy people to

eat healthy.

We don’t make it easy to eat healthy. It will never be easy. Easy means zero effort… and living a healthy lifestyle is never effortless.

We’re sick of the constant fads promoting easy and quick weight loss through gimmicky diets, detox cleanses, and infomercial workout gadgets.

Your health will always require effort, commitment and dedication.

So instead of promising to make it EASY and guaranteeing you turn into a super model overnight, we promise to turn you into a Prep Day Ninja.

What is a Prep Day Ninja?

A Prep Day Ninja is someone who always has a plan to fall back so they can eat healthy most of the time no matter how crazy the week gets.

A ninja makes everything look easy because of their expert skills, but behind that expertise lies a deep commitment and practice with falling and getting back up again.

Not everyone is cut out to be a ninja.

You have to want it and commit to it. Ordering a pizza will always be easier than getting your butt in the kitchen.

If you’re ready to become a ninja, we can’t wait to help you along your noble journey. Our vision is to help you:

  • Eat healthy most of the week so you can truly enjoy a few indulgent treats without all the guilt and shame.
  • Have some meals cooked ahead of time (or at least planned out) so you no longer have to come home exhausted from the day and still have to figure out what’s for dinner.
  • Spend less money eating out so you can maybe take that vacation you’ve been dreaming of or hit some other life goals.
  • Cook quick meals so you can spend more cherished time with your friends, family, pet goldfish…whatever makes your heart happy.

Sometimes meal prepping can be exhausting and you won’t be in the mood for it. But it’s like going to the gym, it’s hard to get started but once you go, you always feel better afterwards.

We promise to try to make this meal prepping a bit easier and reduce your stress during the workweek.

We promise to try and support you and your family in living happy, healthy lives.

Welcome Ninja. Are you ready to begin?

 – Head Ninjas: Amanda, Arash & Tanner

P.S. We are thankful that we can afford healthy food to nourish our bodies and know that sadly, many people aren’t as fortunate. That’s why we’re donating one meal to food banks for every single month that you subscribe to Prep Day.