As everyone stocks up on different food we thought it would be interesting to see what certain states were stocking up on more than usual. I guess the great lakes area really likes their canned mushrooms. Not my first choice for canned vegetables, but hey… you do you.

Do you have a can in your pantry that matches your state?

Recipes & Ideas For Your Canned Goods

Here are some recipes to keep things interesting while you much on canned foods in this strange time.

Google Trends data: we pulled the data from 3/10/20-3/17/20 from Google Trends to see what canned vegetables peaked in interest across each state. All Google Trends data is indexed on a scale of 1-100, with 100 being the highest level of interest in a topic or keyword over a given time period.

The vegetables on this map had the highest score in that state. Wyoming, Alaska, and South Dakota didn’t have enough search data to show up… guess their small populations were already stocked up at home on the ranch like every other ordinary week.

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