Healthy breakfast burritos are an amazing way to kick off the day… but who seriously has time to make them every single morning before running out the door?

Luckily, they are super easy to meal prep AND they actually hold up well in the freezer (if you prepare them the right way). Make your own batch of burritos in a prep session so you don’t have to take a gamble at the grocery store on overpriced frozen burritos that may or may not be healthy.

We’ve compiled the ultimate list of breakfast burritos below and some tips on how to prep them so you can avoid soggy tortillas.

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Tips On Making The Best Breakfast Burritos That Withstand Your Freezer

1. How to Make Burritos That Fit Your Health Guidelines

Everyone has different health requirements so here are some ideas on how to make burritos that fit yours!

  • Low carb: most grocery stores now sell carb balance tortillas. They are around 8-inches wide and have 6g net carbs.
  • Paleo: there are specific paleo tortillas so you don’t have to spend time making them from scratch.
  • Vegan: you can use vegan eggs, veggies, and potatoes.

2. Pick Two Flavors To Meal Prep

We suggest that you pick just 2 flavors or ingredient combinations so that you don’t get overwhelmed. Once you get the hang of it, you can add more complexity by making more flavors at the same time.

It’s also easier if you pick two flavors that use the same meat like a Green Chile Sausage Burrito & a Cheddar, Sausage & Peppers Burrito. You can cook two different types of meat like bacon and sausage at the same time, but it just extends the time of the meal prep session and adds more dishes.

It’s also a great way to use up leftovers. If you have some extra ground turkey taco meat then just throw it with some eggs and cheddar. If you have some veggies that are about to go bad then use them up.

3. Batch Cook The Eggs

The best way to cook your eggs will depend on how big of a batch you’re making and what type of pans you have. If you have an extra large skillet that’s about 13 inches wide then you can cook 12 scrambled eggs in one batch in the pan. You can bake eggs in a glass casserole/ baking dish to cook up to 24 eggs at the same time. Both ways will give you fluffy and delicious eggs so pick what makes the most sense for your kitchen.

Remember to keep the eggs separate from the other fillings if you’re making multiple flavors. If you’re just making one flavor, then it will be fastest to mix the fillings with the eggs so you can put one scoop onto each tortilla instead of scooping each individual filling on every tortilla.

4. Strategically Assemble Your Burrito Layers

  • Precut your aluminum foil squares: and have a stack ready to go. If you wrap your burritos tightly, then they won’t leak on to the foil squares and you’ll be able to reuse them so you won’t have to cut them every time.
  • Cool all ingredients to room temp: before you assemble the burritos. Wrapping your burritos with hot ingredients will definitely cause the tortillas to get soggy.
  • Create your assembly line: If you have enough space in your kitchen, then you can lay out all your tortillas on the foil squares so you can machine through them and just add all the fillings at once.
  • Put the cheese down first: to put a layer between the tortilla and eggs. This will also help prevent the tortilla from getting soggy.

5. Roll Your Burritos Like a Ninja

Here is a quick video to show you how to wrap the burrito tightly so it doesn’t fall apart. Individually wrap the burritos in aluminum foil or parchment paper so they are easy to reheat for breakfast.

6. Freeze For Up To 3 Months

Put all the individually wrapped burritos into Ziploc bags and freeze for up to 3 months. Write the flavor with a sharpie on the bag or write it on the foil after you’ve wrapped the burritos if you are putting multiple flavors in the same bag.

Some people suggest lining them up and freezing them on a baking sheet first to make sure they’re uniformly shaped but we don’t think it’s worth it. Just throw the burritos bags . in the freezer and they’ll be just fine.

7. How to Reheat Your Breakfast Burritos

Just remove the wrapping and pop your burrito into the microwave for 1 minute, flip over and then heat for 1 more minute. Cut the burrito in half and check to see if it’s hot all the way through. Microwave another 1-2 minutes if needed.

Our Favorite Healthy Breakfast Burrito Recipes

1. Sausage & Cheddar with Seared Peppers & Onions

Mmmmm we could eat these for breakfast, lunch, or dinner!

meal prep sausage breakfast burrito

2. Spinach, Feta & Sun-dried Tomato Mediterranean Wrap

This one might sound a little weird but it’s really good and it switches it up from the same old flavors. The sun-dried tomatoes add a nice savory and rich flavor to this burrito.

Mediterranean Breakfast Burrito

3. Sweet Potato & Veg Breakfast Burrito

Use sweet potatoes instead of hash browns for a lighter burrito.

4. Green Chile & Pepper Jack Burrito

Because… who doesn’t love pepper jack?

Which breakfast burrito combo should we make and add to this list next? Drop us a comment and let us know!

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