Keto Starbucks Drinks & Food: What To Order On The Keto Diet

by Apr 12, 2018

Keto Friendly Starbucks Drinks

It can be very tricky to figure out what to order at Starbucks when you’re counting carbs. If you think just ordering a skinny version of your favorite drink… think again. A skinny mocha still packs 18-30 grams of carbs depending on what size you order.  Don’t worry, we did the hard work for you and pored through Starbucks nutrition data to pick out the low carb options and list them below for you in this guide.

Tips to Remember:

  • Order with heavy cream or half & half. Soy milk, coconut milk, whole milk, nonfat milk, and 2% milk are all loaded with carbs and add 10-20g carbs to your drink. If you can’t drink your coffee black, then you’ll have to switch to heavy cream or half & half which have less than 5g carbs.
  • Skip whipped cream. This is a no brainer. Whipped cream adds carbs.
  • “Skinny” isn’t low carb. Starbucks has the option to order any drink in the “skinny” version which just means low fat milk and sugar-free syrups. Low fat milk is not low carb and is pretty heavy in sugar.

If you are the person who loads up their coffee with tons of syrups, flavors, and milk…ordering a Keto approved coffee is going to take some getting used to. They have sugar-free syrups so you can use those and still technically be Keto compliant…but the just how healthy processed fake sugars are is a highly debated topic. Here are the different types of drinks you can order below. Just remember the Keto-friendly versions of all the drinks below assume you’ll be drinking them black or adding the following mix-ins: half & half, heavy cream, sugar-free syrup.

Espresso Drinks

  • Americano (Hot or Iced) This drink is made by mixing espresso with water.
    • If you’re used to lattes, you can order an Americano with a splash of heavy cream or half & half. This is a good substitute for lattes which have more carbs than Keto allows in an entire day. This is actually cheaper than a latte as well so it’s a good way to save money while saving carbs!
  • Espresso Shots (Hot or Iced) If you like your drinks intense, then just drinking straight up espresso is a good way to avoid carbs.

Coffee Drinks

  • Regular Coffee: If you like a plain old cup of joe then you’re good to go. It naturally has 0g carbs.
  • Iced Coffee: If you order a regular iced coffee then it comes sweetened with sugar most of the time. You have to play it safe and tell them sugar-free or you’ll end up with 30g carbs in your drink.
  • Cold Brew: obviously avoid the “sweet cream” varieties of cold brew available since those have tons of sugar.

Tea Drinks

  • All unsweetened tea drinks are Keto-friendly. Avoid the chai and refresher product lines.
  • Pink Drink: This Keto specialty is delicious. It’s unsweetened passion iced tea with heavy cream.

pink drink starbucks keto


Frappuccinos have upwards of 100g carbs (o.m.g.)! Yeah these drinks have as many carbs as Keto followers are supposed to have over 4 days. In general it’s just easier to stay away from this category at Starbucks. If you’re really want a blended drink then you can ask for unsweetened, using sugar-free syrup and using half heavy cream and half water to substitute for the frappe & milk base. You might get some weird looks ordering this and who knows if it will come out right the first time but you can try it!

Keto Breakfast Options

Unfortunately, there aren’t a bunch of Keto options for breakfast at Starbucks. The only hot breakfast item that is even below 15g carbs are the Sous Vide Egg Bites. The Sous Vide Egg Bites: Bacon & Gruyere  has 9g of net carbs and it’s super rich and delicious. The egg bites aren’t at all Starbucks locations, so count your lucky stars if they are at a location near you and haven’t sold out by the time you get there!

Starbucks does have different snack items around the counter like Kind Bars. Some of these bars have 8g net carbs which is still pretty high considering they aren’t a full meal replacement. There is a protein lunch box they sometimes have which includes a hard boiled egg and cheeses. You can skip the carb items in the box and eat the egg & cheese but you’ll be overpaying for what you get. It’s best to bring your own breakfast and just buy your coffee from Starbucks when you’re doing Keto.

keto starbucks drink ideas

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