The Ultimate Meal Plan Calendar For Meal Prep

Use Prep Day’s online meal prep calendar to easily plan out your recipes and meal prep schedule.

How To Create A Meal Plan Calendar

1. Check Your Social & Work Schedule

Each week it’s important to scan your social and work calendars so you can plan around any events and make sure you buy just the right amount of food. If you just randomly plan out meals ahead of time for the whole month then you might forget you have certain work dinners or events that provide food and end up having to throw away meals.  Once you know what meals you’re going to be eating out for, then it’s time to pick out recipes for all the meals you need to cook for.


2. Choose What Days You’ll Cook

It’s best to plan around weekend activities and be realistic about your schedule. If you have an insane Sunday then maybe it’s best to get up extra early so you can cook or maybe do prep on Saturday instead. It’s much easier to stick with meal prep when you plan when you’ll do it! 

I personally don’t like to meal prep everything for the week on the weekend. I like to prep half of my food on the weekend and then cook again on Wednesday or Thursday with quick sheet pan or slow cooker meals.

I typically choose Sunday and Wednesdays as my two cook days for the week and then this helps me be smarter about picking out my recipes. If I know I’m going to cook on a busy Thursday then I’ll choose a slow cooker recipe instead of a stove top recipe so I can dump the ingredients in and go to work. 

3. Pick Out Your Recipes & Add Them to Each Meal Slot

Mark down what recipe you’ll have for each lunch and dinner (and breakfast if you plan for that too). This helps you make sure you have enough food and enough variety for the week. 

4. Set Your Servings & Make Your Grocery List

The next step is to double check your meal plan calendar to adjust servings. Sometimes family members might be skipping a meal or you might have guests over. Our Prep Day meal planning app will help automatically calculate your grocery list based on servings for each meal so you don’t have to do any math 🙂  Now your meal plan is set and ready to go! 

Easily Create Meal Plans With Prep Day

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