Reddit is full of gold when it comes to meal prep tips and inspiration. Here is a round up of the best subreddits to follow and some of our favorite meal prep posts that gave us a good laugh. 

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Master list of Meal Prep Subreddits 

Here are all the main subreddits related to meal prep with a quick summary on what to expect and how good each one is. Drop us a comment if there is one we should add to this list! 


This is the mothership. It’s the largest meal prep subreddit and the community is awesome. Everyone posts legit photos of their meal prep sessions and it’s not filled with spam like some of the other meal prep subreddits. It’s a must join subreddit.


This is another awesome community to check out. There is a great guide for beginners pinned to the top.


This is the most popular subreddit for plant based meal prep ideas. Tons of great ideas to use veggies in new ways.


Obviously this one is for the keto peeps. Lately seems to be dominated by one person posting videos from the same youtube channel over and over. At least these videos are high quality and great ideas for keto recipes. The community just doesn’t have a wide diversity of people posting actively.


This is a smaller community but it’s members show authentic photos and ideas.


This subreddit has tons of videos. A lof the content isn’t really meal prep focused and many of the posts are for unhealthy stuff like fudge brownies and lemon drizzle cake. 


This subreddit has a promising name but the community isn’t super active. Most of the posts lately have been from the same person promoting the same youtube channel. 


This is an awesome subreddit for vegans. Tons of great ideas and photos of vegan meal prep sessions. 

Funniest Meal Prep Posts on Reddit

meal prep humor
beer taco meal prep
candy meal prep
cookie monster meal prep
KFC Meal Prep

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