Vegan meal prep can get boring pretty quickly when you’re stuck in the rut eating the same dishes all the time. To keep life flavorful, we created four meal plans for your prep so you avoid the boredom zone. 

The best part is that these plans are designed around each season! Eating seasonally is cheaper, better for the environment, more nutritious, and more flavorful. 

How To Use These Meal Plans

The recipes in each of these four meal plans below are written to give the following coverage:

  • Servings: cooking for two people. Just decrease or increase the recipe quantities if you want to cook for less or more people.
  • Variety: eat the same recipe just twice.
  • 3 Main recipes: with 4 servings each = 12 total meals on prep day for lunches & dinners. (6 meals/ person).
  • 1 Bonus recipe: Make 4-8 more meals halfway through the week.

We recommend cooking just three main recipes on meal prep day so you don’t get too exhausted. If you have a meal prep buddy or are just super ambitious then you could prep 4 different recipes. Just get a cold brew ahead of time 😉

If you want all 10 lunches/dinners for the week covered then you can increase the servings on some recipes to eat them 3 times instead of the suggested two times.

We just give the bonus meal as an option outside of prep day so food is a bit fresher towards the end of the week and it’s easy to leave off the meal plan if you have social or work related plans for eating out.

Want an easier way to adjust serving sizes and meals? Request access to our new software that lets you customize the plan however you like and does the math for you on servings and grocery list calculations.

Winter Vegan Meal Prep Plan

Winter Meal Plan Recipes

Shared ingredients: This plan uses lentils and cranberries for two different recipes.

winter vegan weekly meal prep plan

Spring Vegan Meal Prep Plan

Spring Meal Plan Recipes

Shared ingredients: This plan uses rice and cashew cream in two different recipes to save time!

Bonus recipe: Quick Pea Soup

Summer Vegan Meal Prep Plan

Summer Meal Plan Recipes

These recipes take advantage of those delicious in-season tomatoes bursting with flavor. We avoided the oven so you don’t have to worry about heating up your kitchen during the hot months of summer.

Theses sloppy joes are also perfect for bringing a big batch to summer BBQs and picnics!

Bonus recipe: Slow Cooker Plant Based Enchilada Quinoa Bowls

Fall Vegan Meal Prep Plan

Fall Meal Plan Recipes

These recipes take full advantage of all the amazing fall produce. Brussels sprouts, butternut squash, and acorn squash… how can you not love fall?

Bonus recipe: Slow Cooker Green Lentil Soup

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